My Recent Sales

196 Hanson St – This 3-flat do-up set the market buzzing, even though the 3rd flat wasn’t permitted. A third of the tenders came through my colleagues, and the resulting price was 23% above what I’d appraised the property at. Unfortunately, after 7 years of never missing a rent payment, and keeping the garden tidy, the tenant from the 1-bedroomed flat has to move on – call me if you know of an economical place, even if it’s scruffy.

3/28 Clifton Terrace – The 5th time I have sold this apartment over the last 20 years. Leasehold land puts off most people, but the land lease payments usually work out cheaper than the extra mortgage you would have to pay for an equivalent freehold property, so it’s not all bad. It’s a beautiful apartment, so two very busy open homes lead to a very happy seller. I have disappointed buyers hoping for another one now!

434 The Esplanade – This wonderful old 2-flat property needs a lot of work, but the market is hot! There were 3 competing offers despite the pre-Xmas slowdown, then lots of negotiating to be done with both buyers and tenants, and lots of extra viewings to get tradesmen through. The buyers are totally in love with that waterfront view, and so happy!

313A The Terrace – It took a while, as the complex doesn’t look special from the outside, but ithe apartment is spacious & sunny, and I dressed it and got it looking good. Persistence paid off, and I ended up with a back-up offer which won it.

1/374 Tinakori Rd – It’s always nice to be called in to sell for the person who bought the property from me, and I love company share – quiet neighbours! Buyer & seller are both happy, and my van got used on move-out and move-in.

2/1 Harland St – Last time I sold this, the seller assured me there was no asbestos in the ceiling texture – unfortunately a test from the lab in Gracefield proved this wrong. I shared the info I had from another client who had removed a similar ceiling coating recently, so the buyer wasn’t put off. But if you have an asbestos ceiling, I recommend getting it removed, as the rules on removal are getting tougher, so the cost will go up.

9/313 The Terrace – The 3rd time I’ve sold this apartment, and since I own an identical one next door, I was able to share my inside knowledge. So I sold it in 2 weeks. The buyers are new investors, so I found them a tenant and set everything up.

18/306 Karori Rd – At BEO $180,000 for a one-bedroomed company share apartment with its own garage, this is great value. I put in my own furniture and got it looking homely. A lot of investors looked, but the building has restrictions on renting out. But it’s perfect for a young professional who understands value and doesn’t want to be surrounded by noisy tenants.

8B Randolph Road – Over 80 people through the first open home, and competing offers on tender date despite the last-minute discovery that the last owner didn’t get the Building Consent signed off from his alterations – it will be unconditional as soon as this is sorted out. The seller’s price expectations were exceeded by over 15% – if you’re thinking of selling, ask me how I can get the best possible price for you.